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Hi Friends! I am going to admit… I am a control freak.   To feel helpless in a situation just makes me absolutely nuts.   The last few days have been challenging my nature as I have had no control over what was happening.   It also messes with my bipolar disorder, which I’ve been […]

Hi Ya’ll I feel a tad guilty this morning as many of my blogging friend (those who use Blogger) are unable to post to their blogs.  Blogging can get addicting and if the server is down, it’s like withdrawal! My week has been pretty darn good.  Aside from a couple of rainy days, which we […]

Hi ya’ll 🙂 I’m pretty sure that spring has sprung here in Colorado.   We are having cool nights and warm(ish) days.   Our yard is turning back to that lush green that it was last year and the trees are full of blossoms.   I’m so psyched!!! I’ve been having a tough time in […]

Hello all, Do you ever have so many things on your ‘to do’ list that you start doubling up on things to get them done?   Like making phone calls while showering? LOL  just kidding.   I kinda feel like that right now, though.   I had pretty much set my schedule for this week, […]

Hello friends! One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to make a mental list of things you love every day.   It’s especially helpful when I get to feeling down.   I must have slept well last night, because I woke up with a smile on my face and thinking […]

Good morning, friends! Last evening, Noah and I watched a movie called Taking Chance.   My son, Noah, is enlisting in the Marines in a few months and as hard as it is for me, I am very proud.   The movie is about a young man (a Marine), who is killed in action.   […]

Good morning, Friends! We are bracing for some serious heat here today.   The forecast is calling for mid to upper 90s.   Since my ”to do” list is pretty hefty, I decided to stamp early while the studio is not baking in the heat.   We STILL have no air conditioning.   After numerous […]

Good morning, Friends,   I need glasses.   Simple as that.   For years, I have had better than 20/20 vision and was quite proud of that.   My parents both wore glasses.   Many of my family members wear glasses.   I was at one time, many years ago, prescribed reading glasses, but they […]

Good morning, Friends, Please excuse my absence for the last few days.   Life has gotten in the way, once again.   It really felt foreign being in the studio this morning and maybe that shows a bit in my card. Over the last few days I have had the “poor me, poor me” attitude. […]

Good morning, Friends! Although a few flakes are flying this morning, I am optimistic that spring is on it’s way.    With the dawning of spring comes the beginning of wedding season.   I love weddings.   Call me old fashioned, but weddings signal the beginning of a new life.  Yes, I cry. Today’s Ways […]

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