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~ Colorful Cornucopia ~

Fall is my absolute favorite season.  Fall has it all.  You get cool/cold nights and warm sunny days.  You can get snow or you can have an Indian Summer.  Oh, and my favorite part?  The changing of the leaves! I’m sharing another Hambo Stamps digital image today.   This cornucopia is so fun to color! […]

Oh Joy! Now, I can’t even start to tell you all where I have been in the last year.   Let’s just say that it has NOT been pretty. So, when my friend Judy Rozema asked me to take a wee guest spot, I was thrilled because Hambo Stamps was one of the first design […]

Good morning, Friends 🙂 A couple of days ago, I caught a glimpse at this image by Hambo’s Tim Hunter that just stole my heart.    It had been posted to Facebook and I made a comment about how much I liked it.    Tim is one of my favorite artists.   His whimsical style […]

Good morning, Friends There is an old story that goes something like this….    A man, who’s life is full of burden, falls to his knees and cries out to God, “Please God, I cannot bear this cross you’ve given me!”.   Over and over again the man cries out.  Finally, the Lord comes to […]

Good evening 🙂 What’s a “Squeal” out?   Well, normally it would be a ”shout out”, but since we’re dealing with THE pig, then it’s a squeal :).   THE pig I am referring to is Hambo.   You see, last week I was surfing around and landed on the Talk to the Ham blog. […]

Hey!  Remember me?! I have to tell you… the last few days have been H.E. *double hockey sticks*!    Sometime around 8pm on Sunday night, my computer’s operating system decided to dump.   Oh yeah, I lost everything!   All my files, all my photos, all my sketches….GONE!   I am NOT a happy camper right now, but at […]

It is a GREAT Sunday!! I have so much to share with you today… let’s get started. I knew it would be a great day as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.   First off, I slept!   I slept hard, too… none of this sleep/wake/sleep stuff that I normally do.   I […]

Well, Gooooooooood Morning! Yup, I slept again last night!  Like a babbbbbby!   I am getting Let’s talk about Hambo for a minute.   I adore my Hambos.   Tim over at Hambo Stamps is a genius when it comes to drawing images.   He knows a good PUN, too.    Have you seen […]

Good Morning, ya’ll! It’s a Hambo kinda day.   I slept like a rock last night…. didn’t wake up until the alarm went off at 5:30am!    Mark your calendars, notify the press… whatever it takes, let’s celebrate! LOL When I saw this morning’s color combination (Brilliant Blue, Garden Green, Pumpkin Pie), I kinda cringed. […]

  Good day, ya’ll 🙂 I went into hiding for a few days and got some much needed R&R.   I feel refreshed and ready to start a new year.   It is amazing what  a few days away and loads of sleep will do for the attitude! First, I gotta tell you….. Hambo has […]

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