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I like my coffee like my faith….STRONG. Anyone else ready to get our lives back to normal?  My hubby told me today that he’s bored.  He’s not even laid off!  He is accustomed to do the running around on the weekend.  I bribed him with a trip to Home Depot, but he declined. So the […]

~*~*~ I hope this finds all well.  My OCD is raging as I can’t stop watching the news.  I know it’s the last thing I SHOULD watch. So, I thought about my plan to make 2000 cards for the troops.  This may just be one of the first ones.  I have a few more designed […]


When I thought about writing this post, I initially decided NOT to make mention of COVID-19.  We’ve all be inundated with reports from here and there, 24/7.   My emotions have been running high and low.  I struggle with anxiety as it is.   I’m high risk. Then I thought wasting time on anxiety is just going […]

I’ve likely mentioned before that my favorite holiday is Easter.  I love the message, the colors, and nod toward spring!  When I was a young girl, I’d have a new Easter outfit, complete with bonnet and purse. All of my boys now have families of their own, so we have to share them with their […]

This past week has been rough on the whole family.  My six year old granddaughter came down with the flu first.  Older son needed dental work.  Then I developed a case of Thrush. Fortunately it was treated and gone within a couple days. As the days fly by, my to do list grows longer and […]

~I Am~

I spent the better part of this past weekend organizing the studio.  I have a long way to go, but it feels good.  It was sort of organized before, but over the last three months, I’ve been slacking.  The common knowledge about crafters is that we start to clean, then find something we had purchased […]

My family (including my husband) has a long line of active military and veterans.  For a long time now, I’ve wanted to make thank you cards for those deployed. Over the last couple of months, I’ve added numerous military themed stamp sets and dies.  My personal goal is to create 2000 thank you cards before […]


It’s the 10th of February and I already feel like the year is zooming by.  In some ways, it’s good.  We have another granddaughter due in late July.  One of my four sons and his wife are moving back to Colorado in mid-April (yay!!).  There will be weddings (2) in the fall.  Lots of crafting […]

~Psalm 128:2~

When we were raising four sons, I thought my life was as chaotic as it could be.  Now that the family members have more than doubled, it makes chaos look cute.  And I could not be happier.  It’s the most blessed feeling. So today I did a throw back “shabby chic” looking card.  I’m in […]

Sorry I missed you last week.  We have been drowning in events since the week before Christmas and I managed to become dehydrated along with some other ailments.  I’m feeling pretty much 100% now. Last weekend we had my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday and then the gender reveal for the new baby coming in July.  It’s […]

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