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Check out the NEW STAMPLY SIMPLY here. Feel free to shop the original Stamp Simply Ribbon Store as well where we carry Spellbinders dies at reduced prices, cut yardage of ribbon and so much more. Both stores are open for your shopping pleasure! ~*~*~ So much good happening this month.  First of all, the new STAMP SIMPLY is open!  This […]

~*~*~ It’s that time of year!  Graduates everywhere.  We actually have no graduates this year, so I made a grad card in the local High School’s colors. Here’s a funny for you… my graduating class MISSED the 40th anniversary and now are having a 42nd anniversary event next year.  Definitely NO math geniuses in my […]

I was more than happy to make a birthday card this week.  My dear daughter in law has a birthday coming in a few days and she’s a barista!  She’s currently on maternity leave after the birth of our last granddaughter, Remington (Remi) Mae. I love all things coffee, anyway.  The newest die set so […]

Patriotism: noun the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country. “a highly decorated officer of unquestionable integrity and patriotism” We are a family of patriots.  It’s difficult to be patriotic during the turmoil in our country today.  There have been three mass shootings in the last 2 days.  It hurts […]

It’s Spring!  We’ve had temps in the 80s, but it didn’t last.  We’re back in the 40s now, with snowfall expected later this week. Today I’m making a baptism card.  I love the vanilla/gold combo.   Since this set (Baptism, Dedication, Confirmation, Communion) is so versatile, Paring it with the cross from Easter is for Jesus […]

We’ve been given a taste of Spring these last few day… in the upper 70s and 80s.  Next week we’ll be a little cooler, but we never rule out snow in April in Colorado. Spring has definitely sprung in my studio.  I have so so many birthdays coming up in April and May.  I’m daydreaming […]

After our snow storm last week (15+ inches), it was 67 degrees on Sunday.  We lost numerous trees in our area, yet the power never went out.  Now the forecast for next weekend is in the 70s.  I love Colorado! So, I’m jumping from Easter cards to patriotic.  I will be making numerous birthday/Father’s Day […]

~Easter Bunny~

It’s been like a whirlwind around here these past couple of weeks.  Some good, some bad.  A lot of stress.  This coming week is looking good, though! I’m pretty sure this will be my last Easter card.  I have enjoyed working with this new set (Easter is for Jesus).  My next project is an overhaul […]

Snow is falling by the bucket here.  It started mid-day Saturday and we’re under a heavy blanket of the white stuff….  16″ so far.  It’s not supposed to stop for another 36+ hours.  Send shovels. Still working on my Easter cards.  I’ve got a feeling I won’t get them all done.  Our 5th granddaughter was […]

I must admit straight off that my brain is NOT on making cards, right now.   We’re heading to my #1 son’s house to babysit our 2 yr old granddaughter, LilyAna.  All the while, her mommy and daddy are going to the hospital to bring the little sister home.  I’ve made a huge list of arts […]

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