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Hi Friends! Way back in 2003, when I first began this hobby, I struggled to create anything that was unique.   I used the same sketch for nearly every card!  Then I was introduced to and my world turned upside down.  This was back in 2004, when the site was not near as large […]

Good day, friends 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!   Hope you saved some turkey for us Americans :).   I’m a bit jealous as I’ve been craving dressing and pumpkin pie, lately. Today I am going to show you what happens when I try too hard.   I wanted to play in both […]

Good evening 🙂 What’s a “Squeal” out?   Well, normally it would be a ”shout out”, but since we’re dealing with THE pig, then it’s a squeal :).   THE pig I am referring to is Hambo.   You see, last week I was surfing around and landed on the Talk to the Ham blog. […]

Suprise! LOL I know, two posts in one day must mean I have nothing better to do than stamp.   Well, that’s nearly true.   Since my DH is cooking his famous chili for dinner, the only thing I have had to do today is a little laundry, bake some cornbread muffins, make honey butter […]

Good morning, friendlies! Soooooooooo… how are you? 🙂   I went to the gym this morning after taking yesterday off.   I was moving in slow motion as it was 6:30am and I woke at 6:10am.   Comical, to say the least! Today’s submission is a trifecta.   Not only am I covering my assigned […]