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We’ve been given a taste of Spring these last few day… in the upper 70s and 80s.  Next week we’ll be a little cooler, but we never rule out snow in April in Colorado. Spring has definitely sprung in my studio.  I have so so many birthdays coming up in April and May.  I’m daydreaming […]

  As much as I am in love with the new four seasons Floral Cluster sets, I am equally enamored with this new (to me) Graphic 45 Kaleidoscope paper.  It just screams my name.  It has brilliant colors, beautiful patterns and ELEPHANTS! For this card, I cut out a couple of the main flowers to […]

If you go by what I’ve posted on this blog over the last say, oh… 10 years, you probably come to the conclusion that all I do is make cards and other little paper goodies.  That is a good percentage, but definitely not all. My husband, Don, is an amazing craftsman.  He’s been making pieces […]

You know how people get all annoyed when the Valentine craft stuffs show up on store shelves the day after Christmas?  Well, I’m upping the game and bringing you the first Easter card of the year! haha! I just might do a remote holiday card next week!  I am a complicated woman. Teehee.  Actually, I’m […]

~Longfellow Therapy~

I’m going to warn you now… I may get a little wordy today. It’s no secret that I love to work with paper. Whether I’m making a card, a box, a gift… It’s truly therapeutic. I rarely talk about my bipolar, but sometimes I feel the need. I think the hardest thing to get through […]

Welcome to this month’s Challenge Chicks challenge! This month, Jeanne S has challenged us to do a card/project using “Splat” watercolors/ink splatters. I took this as a nudge to finally do some work with my watercolors, both pan and pencil. I’ve never used Gamsol before (though I’ve owned a bottle for quite some time). Since […]

~ Stamp Sale ~ Updated!

I have just updated my virtual garage sale!  I’ve added over 100 stamps/sets.  You can view them here: Stamp Sale Please keep in mind that the numbers after the sets are just my reference (and that was 3 years ago!).   Make me a reasonable offer! As I continue to pack, I will add more, […]

Well, first off, this is the only picture I’m sharing in this post….. This…. the Tiny House, has become my new obsession.  I began my obsession with Gypsy Caravans.  I pitched that idea to the husband and it went over like a lead balloon.  I plotted and planned and started telling him about tiny houses. […]

~ A Princess Birthday ~

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend went well.  We are enjoying some freakishly warm weather here in Colorado.  It was in the low 60s yesterday, so we took advantage and smoked a large pork roast on the grill.  It was amazing! Even though our team (the Steelers)  is not in the Super Bowl, we are […]

~ Snow Thankful ~

Hello, friends! So, yeah…. I got knocked down again on the health front.  That’s why I’ve been away from the creative scene AGAIN.   I’m not going to say it’s over, either.  It’s what happens when you start to age.  I said start.  LOL I have been scratching the creative itch, though.  I started drawing […]

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