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Good morning, Friends! I hope you all are having a quiet morning!   I know some are sending kids back to school today.   My boys don’t start again until Monday the 11th. Today I am hosting the Wednesday Trends over at There She Goes.   Our trend for the week is altered designer paper. […]

Hi Ya’ll 🙂 I am cold.  Cold to the bone.   We woke up this morning to sub zero temps outside (-9 to be exact!) and because it wasn’t already cold enough, we found the front door standing wide open.   My 17 yr old must have not latched it properly when he came in […]

Hi Friends! Do you all remember back when I said I wouldn’t ever get on the digital bandwagon?   I stood on my soapbox and ranted about my preference of having a stamp in my hand.    Well, guess what?   I was wrrrr.  I was wrooo.   I was mistaken. The other day, I came […]