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~ Taking a Wee Break ~

Hello, Friends… As much as I would love to be sharing new projects with you today, I am not able to.   Life has thrown the family a nasty curveball.   Many of you know of my Aunt Marci’s heroic battle with cancer.   She has fought the good fight for many years now.   […]

Good day, ya’ll! My thoughts are all over the place this morning, so bear with me as I try to put them down so that they make sense.   That’s what I get for staying up way too late! I had stamp club last night.   That goofball, Cindy (Mothermark) was there..teehee… gotta love that […]

~ I got nuttin…. ~

Happy Sunday 🙂 I really don’t have much for you today…lol.    It was an eventful weekend outside of stamping.   My 21 yr old son, Zeke, got his tax refund and decided he needed to purchase a “ride”.   You see, Zeke was born with occular albinism.   He cannot pass the eye exam (even with glasses) to […]

~ A Class Act ~

Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 I woke up so late this morning.  It felt awesome to sleep in.   I only got up once in the middle of the night and that was only to confirm that my son Noah, who had went out with friends last night, made it home safely.   My […]

Good morning! No doubt, if you have been here before, you can see that I have not only rearranged the furniture, I painted as well!    What do you think of my new look? Sadly, I have to tell you that I am still fighting this nasty cold.   I was telling Judy (StampingQueenJAR) yesterday, […]

Good Morning!! I am all mixed up this morning.   I had a weird night… with hubby in pain still, but he slept most of the night and IS feeling much better this morning.   I, being the co-dependent person that I am, could not sleep though.   I kept watching him to make sure […]

Good Morning!! I am!!   Ready for some football, that is!    Being married to a lifelong Steelers fan and having raised four next gen Steelers fans, this house is a rockin’!! DH was up bright and early this morning planning our usual food fare for today.   We always have mexican food on Super […]

Hey!  Remember me?! I have to tell you… the last few days have been H.E. *double hockey sticks*!    Sometime around 8pm on Sunday night, my computer’s operating system decided to dump.   Oh yeah, I lost everything!   All my files, all my photos, all my sketches….GONE!   I am NOT a happy camper right now, but at […]

~Some SCS Love~

   Good afternoon! I finally got her to sit still long enough to take her picture!   Here is our Marci with the collection of cards she has received so far from our friends at   Marci writes: Thank you to all my new friends on You have all touched my life tremendously through your […]

~I’m Baaaaaack (Sorta)~

Well, my friends, it has been a long 8 weeks since I’ve posted and alot has happened.   We arrived in Colorado on the 1st of September.  The men (DH and my two oldest DSs) have been looking for work since day 1.   The two youngest DSs are enrolled in school and have already settled into […]

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