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Welcome, Friends! A Christmas sale in August?!  Why, you say? 🙂 The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store needs more space for incoming product.  Some of the Christmas items currently in stock are being offered at reduced prices to clear those shelves.  Today the Design Team is here to inspire you in the creation of your Christmas […]

Hi Ya’ll It’s been a heck of a week!  I’m thankful that here at the end of it I am feeling much better and my creative mojo is once again flowing.   We’ve also had hot, humid (relative to Colorado) and wet weather for about 10 days now.  Although we’re still expecting some t-storms and […]

Hi! Well, Summer has hit Colorado in a big way!   We’ve been basking in 90+ heat, even some humidity and storms a plenty.   Yesterday they received up to 3″ of rain in three hours in parts of the Denver Metro area.   We were a little less wet up here in Loveland, but […]

Hi Ya’ll I feel a tad guilty this morning as many of my blogging friend (those who use Blogger) are unable to post to their blogs.  Blogging can get addicting and if the server is down, it’s like withdrawal! My week has been pretty darn good.  Aside from a couple of rainy days, which we […]

Hello, Friends 🙂 Today I’m playing catch up.   The last couple of days have been a blur around here.   I haven’t been sleeping well, so during the day I am sluggish and get nothing significant done.   Today I am going to kick it into high gear and get it all done so […]

~ Let Us Pause….. ~

Hi Friends! I’m in trouble.   It’s my own fault… I gotta own it.   I’ve known for quite some time that I have a crazy busy week coming up next week and I’ve made tons of plans to get ahead of the game.   Then I ignored my plans.   Well, not so much […]

Hello!   I had a revelation this morning.   I have a much more enjoyable time stamping and creating when I have a specific purpose in mind.  Stamping just to stamp doesn’t hold my attention like it use to.   Don’t get me wrong, I will probably be stamping on my death bed.   It […]

Hello, friends! I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to plants and gardening, I know nothing.   In fact, when I get a flower stamp (except roses), I usually have no clue what kind they are.   Until recently, the most we’ve done to our yard is water, mow and pull weeds. […]

Good morning, friends! Can you believe it’s Friday, already?!   This has been a very busy week and the time has flown by.   All of it in spite of the extreme heat.   I was watching the news at 5am this morning and they were saying that the heatwave is covering nearly the entire […]

Good afternoon, Friends!   There’s a phenomenon going on lately.   I get up late, as the kids are on Spring Break.   I have been lounging around until the mid-morning and then getting to my list of things to do.   I’ve been staying up late, too!    I’ve never been a late night […]