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Hi Friends, I grew up with two older brothers.   I also had an uncle who was just a few months older than my oldest brother and he was present in my life, quite a bit.   It goes without saying that I was tormented and tortured in their boyish ways.   My brothers and […]

Hi Friends 🙂 I have been asked numerous times over the last week or so about how I make the bows on my cards.   I keep forgetting to let my secret out, but I think now it a good time.   I have two words: Bow Easy.    If you are not familiar with […]

Happy Saturday, friends! I was so happy to see the weekend arrive.   Having this past week behind me is a blessing.   Too much on my plate leave me cranky!   I am looking foward to a quiet week coming up. This morning, my aunt Marci came over to create with me.   It’s […]

Hi Friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.   It was a gorgeous one here in Colorado, in spite of the fact that it’s still Winter!   We spent a good deal of the weekend thinking about and praying for the people of Chile and the countries under Tsunami watches.   The boys and […]

Hello, Friends! The discussion of art vs craft comes up every now and again and I have wavered over the years as to what side of the track I have put papercrafts.    When I first started dabbling in this medium, I definitely thought of it as a craft.   I think mostly because I […]

Good morning, friends! For the most part, I’m a good girl.   My kids laugh at me because I won’t park in the ”employee of the month” parking spots they have at Wal*Mart.   There are like thirty of those spots at our Wal*Mart and I’ve yet to see 30 employees in the store at […]

Happy President’s Day (to my USA friends), Happy Monday to everyone! Well, here in the USA, we are taking a holiday to celebrate our Presidents.    No school for the kids, no mail for me!   I have been stamping up a storm this weekend! Today we are going to show off the new releases […]

Good morning, Friends 🙂 I feel compelled to fall to my knees and pray this morning.   Hubby started working again on Monday.   They headed to Vail quite early on Monday morning and by mid-day, he was sick.   He keeps calling and asking if I would be upset if he came home.   […]

Good morning, friends 🙂 What could be a better way to start a Monday than with a fun project I did using the photos I took last week?! I actually took the pictures to work on a scrapbook layout, but since I purchased duplicates,  I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a […]

Good evening, Friends! As I write this, my eyelids are drooping.   It has been a long long day.   My studio looks as if a whirling dervish went through it.   For the last few days I have been on a tear to get samples done for one of my design teams that is […]

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