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Hi friends! Ok, so I know that Valentines day is a Hallmark created event that is meant to sell their cards and gifts.    What I never expected was to agree with one of their ad campaigns.   Have you see it?  I love us.   Yeah, they are now pushing the idea that Valentine’s […]

Good morning, Friends 🙂 Two posts in one day?~  I know.. I should have other things to do, but honestly, I am pretty much done!   I have four presents to wrap and one last minute card to make, then it’s party time! I wanted to share a couple things with you that I have […]

Good day, ya’ll. I am so confused.   For the last few months, no… years… I have been unable to sleep.   Now, these last couple of days, I can’t wake up!   Yesterday I missed church as I woke up only moments before we were suppose to leave.  Don said he tried to wake […]

Happy Tuesday, Ya’ll! I want to talk about resolutions.   The New Year kind and otherwise.   My mother use to tell me that the only way to get anywhere in this world was to have resolve.    What does it mean to ‘have resolve’.   Well, according to her, you needed to have the […]

  Good Afternoon Ya’ll…. I need a twelve step program.   I am officially obsessed with boxes and bags.   I love giving gifties to my friends and family and am always looking for a new way to ‘package’ those gifts.   Combined with my love for paper, well.. you can see where this is […]