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TLC380 ~ Either/Or, but Both is More Welcome, friends! It’s my turn to host this week’s Technique Lover’s Challenge.   I completely struggled with what I wanted to do.  Not that I had NO ideas, but I had too many ideas! So, this week’s challenge is to do either a triple easel card (I’ll give […]

   Good morning, ya’ll I think today is a great day to celebrate friends and neighbors.   I was driving home from the store last night and was in wonder at the beautifully lit streets and houses along the way. We spent the evening at a neighbor’s house, sharing stories of Christmases past as well […]

        Good Morning! Can you believe that I did not get out of bed until 9:30am!??    Granted, I was up until nearly 2am, but dang, I actually slept last night!   I suppose that is what sheer exhaustion will do to ya … :). Julia’s Ways to Use It challenge this morning is a […]

  Good afternoon! Wow, it has been a hectic, busy, fun day!    I did the CC Challenge first thing this morning, but have not had a chance to sit down at the computer since.   I received my very first Bombshell Stamps yesterday.   Oh my word, am I ever in love with these awesome stamps.   They […]