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Archive for the 'Just for Fun' Category

~Just Married….~

   Happy Monday, Ya’ll 🙂 Today’s submission is a tribute to my Uncle Ben (and new Aunt Evie!) who were married this past Wednesday in a civic ceremony in San Jose, California.   I have to tell you about my Uncle Ben (my mom’s brother).   My Uncle Ben is everyone’s favorite.  He is a joker and […]

 Good Friday, to ya!!   I came home to happy mail yesterday…. I received my very first Verve Visual order.   My order was placed on Monday and it was in my hot little hands by Thursday!  They were packaged neatly and they are soooooo awesome!  Color me impressed! Since I’ve been having a mojo problem, I […]

~Finding my Mojo~

  Ok, so I’m having a little trouble with my mojo since the gathering.  My head is still spinning with all the great ideas I saw.   So, I decided that instead of doing things that are pressing me (I have some deadlines looming), that I would just do something for fun this morning and hope […]

   Good day!  Well, today was DH’s first day back to work.  I am celebrating by stamping all day :).  I love ribbon, so today’s TLC was right up my alley.  I have to tell you, it felt strange to stamp this morning without DH hovering over me.  I actually felt relaxed and enjoyed what […]

~Birthday Humor~

  Ok, I’m feeling a little chatty tonight, so who knows where this will go.  I, as some of you know, have been working diligently on my studio.  It is worse than I thought, initially, but we’re coming along pretty well.  It’s still a work in progress and I probably owe Marisa some cards by […]

  Oops, I did it again.. I read the Limited Supply Challenge in my sleep.   I read ‘circles’ and I guess that’s where my brain fell asleep, because we were ONLY to use things with circles and no DP, no Cuttlebug, etc.  BOMB! LOL.   Well back to the drawing board on that one… if I […]

~Just Ewe Valentine~

  Aww, well this is my LAST Valentine for 2008.  I thought I was done when I finished Noah’s “Nuts for You” card,  but then my 13 yr old, Levi, came to me with a special request.   You see, there’s this girl in his school and he’s been a bit smitten with her.  He’s rather […]

~This Moose Be Love~

 Does this ever happen to you?  I went down to the studio after dinner this evening with full intentions of cleaning up the mess I’ve made over the last couple ‘sessions’.  I sat down at my desk and started moving things around and found this little moose stamp that I purchased at my local stamp […]

~One of a Kind~

   Ahhhhhh, don’t you just love the smell of new rubber?  I received my SU! order this past week and I didn’t waste much time cutting into it.   This new Berry Bliss DP is so luscious and warm looking.  I jokingly told my son (he’s 20), that it looks like wallpaper from some fancy bordello.   […]