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Hi Friends! Ok, so I’m really excited to share something new with you all today.   I was having a chat with my girl Theresa W. yesterday afternoon when she asked me if I has seen these images that are colored without the normal black lines we all tend to use.   She led me […]

Good morning, Ya’ll… Ok, so I got this cool new phone… a Blackberry Curve.    I was surfing the net last night looking for new applications for my new toy and I found an interactive Bible program.   How cool is that?   I tend to be ‘on the go’ alot, with four boys and […]

What would it be? ~ I suppose my answer would be… I wish I could sleep through the night.    But truthfully, sleep is overrated. :)~   I get more done in the middle of the night than I do in the daylight hours.  Oh~!  Maybe I am a vampire! LOL In a nutshell, it […]