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~ I got nuttin…. ~

Happy Sunday 🙂

I really don’t have much for you today…lol.    It was an eventful weekend outside of stamping.   My 21 yr old son, Zeke, got his tax refund and decided he needed to purchase a “ride”.   You see, Zeke was born with occular albinism.   He cannot pass the eye exam (even with glasses) to get his driver’s license, so he has depended on mom for rides to and from work.  

Well yesterday he bought this:



He thinks he is soooooo cool now!   He can drive it in the bike lanes here and he only works about 1.5 miles from our house, so he now has his little harley to get around on.     You should have seen my DH riding it in the neighborhood.  It was too flippin’ funny.

Ok, and so I was on a mission to get my cards organized and into categories so I could find them.   You are NOT going to believe what I found!!!   The Office Max near my house had a clearance sale on storage bins.   I found these $45 faux leather chests for $20!!    I wasn’t going to buy all three of them, but at $20 a pop for these beauties, I could not resist.   The drawers are even lined!



Aren’t they pretty!?   I now have all of my cards sorted and organized, thanks to my boy, Levi.   He has been working hard to earn money to take his ‘girlfriend’ to the movies next weekend.   I think he has earned it!

Ok, that’s all I got for you today, but stay tuned… it is going to be a busy week.    I have sneak peeks coming this week for There She Goes, Our Craft Lounge and then later in the week and next weekend…. My Favorite Things!   It is going to be alot of fun and fabulousness 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!   Have a blessed evening.

~~ Holly ~~

11 Responses to “~ I got nuttin…. ~”

  1. on 26 Apr 2009 at 17:26Kathy

    what a great find Holly they look really nice

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  3. on 26 Apr 2009 at 18:55dawnmercedes

    WOw! You have some hard working boys there. Why don’t you post a pix of your DS on that beast! haha

  4. on 26 Apr 2009 at 20:30Christi

    I LOVE DS’s new ride! 🙂 Awesome!!

    I am also BEYOND jealous about your drawers! Those are gorgeous!!!!!

  5. on 26 Apr 2009 at 23:37Shaela

    what a great find!!

  6. on 27 Apr 2009 at 00:36NinaB

    I love that ride. I wish I can get one here in Croatia :-). And those drawers are beautiful, I could use at least 10 of them.

  7. on 27 Apr 2009 at 00:43Justine

    Even without a project posted, you have still inspired me and what a great idea

  8. on 27 Apr 2009 at 02:48Kathy (Wattle)

    Love the new bike and the storage is fabulous!!! 🙂

  9. on 27 Apr 2009 at 08:27Kim P

    Holly, those storage boxes are wonderful!! Great find! I should check out our local Office Max!

    Your son’s ride looks pretty cool! I don’t drive either…very slow reflexes, among other things! Butt my *ride* is a 4-wheel scooter wheelchair that goes all of 5 MPH! LOL!! At least it’s red! 😉

  10. on 27 Apr 2009 at 16:04Marisa

    Gotta love a good deal! Great storage solution 🙂 Glad Zeke has some wheels now too 😀 Think we need a picture of him on it, or better still DH on it LOL!

  11. on 01 May 2009 at 13:34Patricia St Martin

    What a way to have storage. A lot of stuff in a small space.

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