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I have a secret.  I’m normally a tight lipped secret keeper, but this one has me twisted.  You see, my son and daughter in law are expecting another child.  My daughter-in-law asked me to plan the gender reveal.  Only my husband and I know the gender.  I have one more week until we can spill […]

The older I get, the faster the holidays and celebrations come hurling towards me.  My head is spinning.  And to top it off, I’m already thinking about next Christmas! I’ve spent the last several days in the recliner, running hot and cold.  It seems like an annual thing with me.  Always around the holidays, too.  […]

I’m pretty sure that I say the same thing each year when I post the first Valentine.  I do as many Valentines as I do Christmas cards. My hubby works in the trades, so the guys he works with gobble the Valentines up.  I have made a challenge to myself this year to come up […]

~Rise and Shine~

Believe it or not, this is a Christmas card.  In our house, when the boys were young, it was our tradition on Christmas morning for mom and dad to make a pot of coffee and curl into our chairs before the boys were allowed to open presents.  It drove them nuts! Now that the boys […]

  Here’s a challenge for you.  Make a male Birthday card in a winter theme. I’ve got three birthdays between now and Christmas.   I’m slowly but surely obtaining my goals.  I know my husband is going to see this before his birthday, and that’s ok.  He’ll get  surprise inside! ~*~*~ I kept this pretty simple.  […]

I’ll have a blue Christmas without you I’ll be so blue jet thinking about you Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree Won’t be the same thing if you’re not here with me And when the snowflakes do fallin’ Yes when the blue memories starts callin’ I’ll be doin’ all right with your Christmas […]

This week I was told by my doctor to rest.  I almost laughed.  Birthday party on Saturday.  Birthday on Tuesday.  Thanksgiving…. and the list goes on.  Yes, I tend to overextend myself.  I end up cancelling things or not sleeping.  Either way is bad. So I had this card in mind.  The penny slider card […]

Christmas is sneaking up on me… or more appropriately, it’s barreling down on me like a locomotive.  It’s not like it falls on a different day/month each year.  I do a great deal of THINKING about it, then wait until it’s time to go full tilt getting things done. For that reason, I absolutely LOVE […]

~Peace on Earth~

I don’t know about you, but I am so far behind in my Christmas crafts.  Crafters may not understand how you can be behind with 44 days left until Christmas.  I have a total of THREE Christmas cards made, so far.  I need at least thirty, many of which need to be mailed out to […]

I believe I’ve fallen into the ‘Halloween is over, it must be Christmas’ trap.  For the first time in longer than I can remember, I’m nearly done with my Christmas shopping.  We have 5 family birthdays in November.  I haven’t even started to think of those. Today I really needed to do something simple.  When […]

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