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When my mom was alive, her house would be full of poinsettias.  She would order them ahead of time and then we would take the van to pick them up… they would fill the entire back end! One year, my hubby and I sent a poinsettia to my mother-in-law.  She kept it alive for over […]

Ok, say what you will, but I’m seriously thinking of putting our tree up this week.  It’s fake, so no worries.  I just want a symbol of Joy, Peace and Hope filling the house.  I want inspiration for the dozens of Christmas cards I’m about to make! A couple times a year I donate a […]

It’s November.  Let that sink in.  We have five birthdays in the family this month.  And, of course, we have a modified Thanksgiving dinner, too.  I need to hit the ground running tomorrow morning.  Lots to do! How about some more Christmas tags this week?  I won’t need too many as we’re at the point […]

We had our first snow of the season start on Sunday early morning.  We’re all praying that the moisture will put a major dent in the 370K acres burning in the Rockies (just west of us).  We’ve had our fair share of horrible quality air for the last 2+ months.  On several days, the smoke […]

~God’s Peace~

The highlight of my week has been time spent in the studio.  You see, we are a few scant miles of Colorado’s largest wildfire in history.  Our skies are black half the time… leaving one to wonder what time of day it is!  We can smell the burning trees inside our apartment!  There’s a large […]

I just took a look at my calendar for this week.  Not going to get much of lull, but that’s ok.  I want this week to go by quickly as we haven’t seen all of the grandkids in a couple weeks, and this Grammy is having withdrawals.  I miss all my girls! Back to Christmas […]

~*~*~ October.  This has been one strange, chaotic, loooong year (so far).  We took part of the family out to dinner last night to celebrate a couple birthdays and a couple anniversaries.  There were NINE of us.  Although the restaurant claimed they could handle our party… I called a day in advance.  When we arrived, […]

So, it’s been another crazy week at Casa McMillen.  Three birthdays and an Anniversary.  Had several doctor appointments and to top it all off, our 4 yr old car died.  Fortunately, we have a mechanic in the family and a quick fix later… we’re road ready again.  Next week is going to be quiet and […]

~Tag Trio~

I know someone is going to say, “Christmas already?!”  Those are the ones who don’t sent a gazillion Christmas cards, or gifts.  So, tags it is!  Tags are super easy on the tiny “canvas”.  I love the challenge. The last couple of weeks has been incredibly hard for our family (and extended family).  The good […]

~Glad Tidings~

Can you believe that it’s already the middle of September??  Last Monday, we had air so thick that it was pitch black at noon.  Tuesday it snowed.  By Thursday we were back to the upper 70s and today we’re expecting mid 80s.  Making my head spin! Ok, so today I’m sharing a unique Christmas card […]

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