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oexcellentaward1.jpg  Little old me!  That’s right!  Shelly (papermoon04) tagged my blog with an E rating.  How cool is that?  Thanks, Shelly.  Check out the whole award ‘ceremony’ over on Shelly’s BLOG.   She tagged 9 other blogs you should check out, too!  Some real gems out there I’d never seen before.. neat!

Well, it’s my turn to hold an Award Ceremony!   So, here’s the deal.  I couldn’t get Ellen to host, so you’re stuck with me :).  And our winner’s are:

For absolute best use of color… the Oscar goes to:

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) @ Sassy & Sweet Notes

For the best music (and  awesome cards!)… the oscar goes to:

Mary Jo Price-Williams  (mjscrapper) @ Techno Stamper

For the best “new kid on the block”… the oscar goes to:

Lisa Kind (lakind) @ Kind Creations

For Outstanding creativity… the Oscar goes to:

Diane Zechman (cookiestamper) @ Paper Cookies

For Sweetest Disposition and all around great eye “Candy”… the Oscar goes to:

Candy Williams (cwilliams) @ Candy’s Land

For the best use of embellishments…. the Oscar goes to:

Pam Basset (4hounds) @ Indigo Studio

For the Wittiest posts (gotta love those Hambos!) ….. the Oscar goes to:

Kirsten Dubosque (Ked) @ Confessions of a Nighttime Stamper

For the Best ever Museum quality work…. the oscar goes to:

Kittie Caracciolo (kittie747) @ KittieKraft

For Complete stamping mayhem and best sense of humor…….. the Oscar goes to:

Carole Burrage (TruCarMa) @  Mother’s Little Helper

For the *BEST* photography (a category near and dear to my heart)…. the Oscar goes to:

Carolyn King (Cammie) @ Cammie’s blog

Congrats, Ladies!   You are bloggers extraordinare!   Let the “After party” begin!


4 Responses to “~And the Oscar goes to……..~”

  1. on 08 Feb 2008 at 10:27Shelly

    This is too funny, I love your creativity and sense of humor!

  2. on 09 Feb 2008 at 00:16Lisa (lakind)

    Wow! I can’t say that I’ve ever won anything before! Thanks for the nod, Holly! I hope I can live up to it!

  3. on 24 Feb 2008 at 13:47Carole (TruCarMa)C

    Oh my goodness, Holly! I’m just catching up on my blog reading and saw this — ON OSCAR DAY/NIGHT — how weird is that?! I must make a post today about that…. too, too funny! And thanks so much for my Oscar! I’ll cherish it always!!!

  4. on 24 Feb 2008 at 18:54Carolyn King

    Wow..Thanks so much Holly! I am so honored–this is my first Oscar EVER (lol!) and I am so amazed it had to do with my photography—wowzer!
    Thanks–you are a gem!

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