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Hi friends, Sorry for being absent these last few days.   My bronchitis has been kicking my butt and every body movement just makes me ache.   Good news is I feel like I’m making some progress.   I actually got up this morning (albeit at 8am!) and  cleaned the kitchen.   I took a […]

Good day, friends 🙂 Warning:  This post will contain whining.   Yes, I said it.   I was listening to a podcast on the Focus on the Family website yesterday about finding balance in life.   The speaker was noting that the people who live with NO stress in their life actually die younger than […]

Good Afternoon 🙂 Ever have one of those days where you just have such a hard time getting yourself in gear?  Well, that’s today for me.   I had an early appointment, so I fiddled around for awhile before that and then when I got back I was having a heck of a time getting […]

Hello friends! One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to make a mental list of things you love every day.   It’s especially helpful when I get to feeling down.   I must have slept well last night, because I woke up with a smile on my face and thinking […]

Hello Friends! Good grief, I’ve been a busy bee!   With the hubster laid off and the kids just days from going back to school, it seems like we hit the floor running in the morning and crash sometime after dinner.   Even my husband asked yesterday if I was going to stamp this week! […]

Good morning, Friends 🙂 A couple of days ago, I caught a glimpse at this image by Hambo’s Tim Hunter that just stole my heart.    It had been posted to Facebook and I made a comment about how much I liked it.    Tim is one of my favorite artists.   His whimsical style […]

Hi Friends! So the story goes that I was ordered to create something “happy” yesterday.   Early Tuesday morning, I went into my studio to do just that, but was met with the mother of all disasters.   Instead of stamping and creating, I ended up in an all out overhaul of my room.   […]

Good day, Friends! I do believe that God is smiling on us this morning.   I woke up to bright sunshine and warm temps.   It just puts a positive spin on your day when this happens. Well, today is the last day of my youngest son’s CSAP tests.   I will be so very […]

Good morning, Friends 🙂 I feel compelled to fall to my knees and pray this morning.   Hubby started working again on Monday.   They headed to Vail quite early on Monday morning and by mid-day, he was sick.   He keeps calling and asking if I would be upset if he came home.   […]

Good morning, friends.. I am feeling quite helpless this morning.   The news out of Haiti is grim and getting worse as the hours go by.   It’s times like these that I wish I had the funds to just fly down there and help, but I know that is not only impossible, but not likely […]

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